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Benefits of Negative Ions

Mia Pellé products emit negative ions, the opposite of the damaging energy discharged by chemicals found in nearly all skin care products, and in manmade pollution.

Negative ions are the energies used by nature to purify pollution. Bolts of lightning (negative ions) are actually a positive force of nature against destructive environmental pollution. Solar flares emit purifying negative ions as well.

The discovery of the purifying effects of negative ions has radically changed water and air purification technology. Now, the same ionic technology that has modified the science of water and air purification systems is radically altering our approach to skin care techniques.

Most skin care products contain acids and chemicals. Chemicals emit destructive positive ions that damage and destroy our skin.

Mia Pellé skin care products defy aging brought on by manmade pollution, chemicals, dehydration, and acidic skin care products. They emit negative ions that penetrate deep into pores to disarm bacteria and toxins.

Our toxin free products work synergistically to elevate the pH, cleanse and purify pores, create a protective barrier between skin, soil and pollution, and nourish the skin with extravagant moisture. They are formulated using the highest grade of natural minerals and ingredients. They do not contain parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, animal or petroleum products, chemicals, alcohols, fragrances, detergents, or preservatives.

Mia Pellé’s revolutionary all natural skin care technology defies aging, wrinkles, acne and blemishes with deep cleansing, high pH, purifying negative ions, nourishing minerals and extravagant moisture.

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